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The Best Washcloth PRO is a coarse textured washcloth made for superior exfoliation and for supreme clean of your skin. Ideal for cleaning the entire body. This unique texture makes your skin feel invigorated and smooth. Outstanding for skin issues like dry winter months, desert climates, ingrown hairs, Keratosis Pilaris, ashy skin, deep cleaning, make-up removal, pen marker removal, and preparation for spray tan. The Best Washcloth PRO is also durable, fast-drying, and hygienic. Long enough to scrub your own back by holding end to end. Use with your favorite soap or body wash for excellent lather. Or try our all-natural skincare line for optimal results.

The Best Washcloth PRO

  • Simply unfold The Best Washcloth and hold under direct warm water. Rinse clean. Hang to dry. With proper care, The Best Washcloth will last for years.

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